Logically—Love, healthy hearts, and trees are perfect together!

Monday, February 17, 2020
The logic is simple:  If A = B, and B = C, then A = C.

A: Love helps to make a happy healthy heart
Loving feelings can affect our nervous system in a positive way, helping us to relax, reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and improve feelings of depression and anxiety – all things good for the heart!

B: Hearts are healthier when we’re among trees. 
According to the 2018 Community Health Assessment by RWJ Barnabus Hospital (Somerset NJ), trees are among the many things that make a community healthy.  Yes, recent research confirms that living in a neighborhood with more trees may lead to lower levels of heart disease and stroke, and that retiring in places with lots of trees is both visually pleasing, and likely good for your heart.

C: Therefore, Love equals trees! 
No wonder Cupid’s arrows are made of wood!  Yes, Valentine’s Day can be cold, but winter is no excuse to stay indoors.  In a mere 120 minutes, you can get the benefit that being in nature provides. So bundle up and walk among the trees! 
One last thought - while being among trees is good for our hearts, “carved” hearts are not good for trees!  Unlike proper tree pruning, random cuts in a tree’s bark heal slowly, opening the tree to pests and diseases.

Picture:  Winter at Meadow Lakes Continuing Care Retirement Facility, Hightstown, NJ at which is located the Robert A. Winters Arboretum, a Level 2 accredited arboretum.