Illinois is Greening Up

Thursday, March 12, 2020
The Forest Preserves of Cook County, in partnership with The Morton Arboretum, USDA Forest Service and Illinois Department of Natural Resources, just completed a “Tree Protection and Preservation Manual” to work alongside their existing “Tree Mitigation Plan”.  This new manual was completed under the professional guidance of the Davey Resource Group.

This manual was developed to address the impacts of a developing urban environment, and protect and preserve the District’s most valuable resources, its trees and forests, by improving the protection and preservation methods and specifications used during construction. With these specifications in place, the District is helping to ensure that the important environmental, economic and social benefits its tree canopy provides today will continue to be provided to the Cook County region well into the future.

The specifications and standards outlined in this Tree Preservation and Protection Manual are based on industry standards and accepted best management practices. They apply to all construction and development projects that occur on District lands, including, but not limited to, new construction, demolition, utility installation, and Construction Permit Access applications.

Of the Forest Preserves nearly 70,000 acres, trees, forests and woody vegetation account for nearly 39,000 acres or 56% of the District’s landcover.