Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters

Urban and Community Forestry Committee

The Urban and Community Forestry Committee is comprised of urban forestry coordinators from each of the 20 member states and the District of Columbia. Urban forestry coordinators are responsible for leading state-level urban forestry programs in their respective states. Urban forestry is about the trees where people live, work and play - and so, includes trees and forests in our towns, along our streets, in our parks and in our backyards. State coordinators work with a wide range of constituents and partners including: local and tribal governments, school districts, nonprofits and community-based organizations all focused on improving the stewardship of trees and the ecosystem services they provide.

News & Announcements

Sustainable Urban Forestry In Iowa

The Huxley tree board gathers in the parking lot at Centennial Park early on a Saturday morning.  The tree board is volunteering their time in the summer months to conduct a community tree inventory of the 646 city owned trees.  Their many hours conducting the inventory will result in a tree management plan to improve the health of the city owned trees.  It is estimated that the trees will provide $57,704 worth of benefits annually, but benefits continue beyond the inventory results.  The engagement of the tree board in management of city owned trees will benefit the small community for years to come. 


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