Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters

Urban and Community Forestry Committee

The Urban and Community Forestry Committee is comprised of urban forestry coordinators from each of the 20 member states and the District of Columbia. Urban forestry coordinators are responsible for leading state-level urban forestry programs in their respective states. Urban forestry is about the trees where people live, work and play - and so, includes trees and forests in our towns, along our streets, in our parks and in our backyards. State coordinators work with a wide range of constituents and partners including: local and tribal governments, school districts, nonprofits and community-based organizations all focused on improving the stewardship of trees and the ecosystem services they provide.

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News & Announcements

#NJTrees20: NJ State Arbor Day Celebration

This video captures the 2018 New Jersey Arbor Day celebration and celebrates tree diversity. The NJ Tree Foundation’s co-founder and former Board President Roni Olizi was honored with the Joyce Kilmer Award during the ceremony.

Thurmont Community Park: An Emerald Ash Borer Success Story

The Town of Thurmont is a small community of 6,500 residents in the mountains of western Maryland. Despite its size, the town’s Community Park is a hub of activity, popular for daily use and is also home to Colorfest, an annual craft fair which brings 125,000 visitors to Thurmont every October. Named for the colors of the season, Colorfest attendees gather under the golden leaves of the park’s ash canopy to enjoy not only the crafts, but also the beautiful fall foliage.

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