Forest Utilization Committee

The NAASF Forest Utilization Committee was established to address a wide scope of forest utilization issues of regional significance. In particular, the Committee works to support sustainable forest management and other forest based benefits by working with NAASF leadership to maintain and enhance markets for traditional and non-traditional forest products.
Key activities the Committee engages in include:

  • Fostering cooperation among member states, the federal government, and public and private stakeholders;
  • Discussing, developing, sponsoring, and promoting programs and activities that will benefit all areas of forest management, utilization and protection, and contribute to the welfare of the people of the northeastern states;
  • Sharing information and expertise across the region;
  • Identifying emerging issues;
  • Supporting the implementation of USFS S&PF programs by providing a platform for communication between the Northeastern Area, state program managers, and the State Foresters;
  • Addressing issues related to the implementation of USDA Forest Service Programs;
  • Developing and submitting resolutions to the Association for action;
  • Supporting the committee work of the National Association of State Foresters (NASF), as requested by NAASF;
  • Providing information to help the NAASF make informed decisions;
  • Carrying out specific projects at the request of NAASF